10.5 Ah

The battery capacity of the new iEZway EZ6 electric scooter has been upgraded from 7.8Ah to 10.5Ah, which improves its maximum range per charge from 21km to 30km. On the other hand, it recharges faster.


Assist motor

The new iEZway EZ6 electric scooter works with 350W motor, compared to the old 250W motor. Its maximum load is more than 120kg, the maximum climb grade is 20 °.



The battery compartment and circuit of the iEZway EZ6 electric scooter have excellent waterproof performance, and the wading depth can reach 15cm.


iEZway Bring You The Best Experience

7.8AH to 10.5AH

The new iEZway EZ6 electric scooter battery capacity upgraded from 7.8AH to 10.5AH, which improve its max range per charge from 21KM to 30KM. On the other side, it is charging faster.

250W to 350W

The new iEZway EZ6 electric scooter working with a 350W motor, compare to the old 250W motor.Its max load is more than 120KG, max climbing degree is 20°.

Solid tire and stronger folding structure

The new iEZway EZ6 electric scooter using two 8.5 inches anti-skid solid tire instead of the old tubeless tire. Prevented flat tire caused by motor high-temperature.

Compatible iEZway EZ6 APP

The iEZway EZ6 APP was completely rebuilded, solved many bugs and optimized the user interface. Easy to use and upgrade.