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  • iEZway Dual belt motor off-road skateboard-Stock in U.S. Warehouse

    • Max mileage: 20KM
    • Low speed mode: 15KM/H
    • Medium speed mode:25KM/H
    • High speed mode:38KM/H
    • Max load: 150KG
    • Climbing ability: 25°"
    Can be shipped to US,Pay directly with Paypal
  • iEZway Advanced Electric Scooter Fish Board – Stock in U.S. Warehouse

    • 350 WATT MOTORS – speeds up to 20KM/H. Supports 60KG.
    • WIRELESS REMOTE – Displays speed and battery life, while also controlling acceleration, breaking and cruise control settings.
    • 28” CLASSIC LONGBOARD SHAPE – the size and style of longboard has that classic cool look and makes it easier for novice riders to master.
    • 36V lithium battery – Charging time: 1.5H
    • Material: PU is strong but flexible.
    Can be shipped to US,Use Paypal to pay directly (Euro, GBP can be paid directly)
  • iEZway Electric Skateboard Dual Brushless Motor Longboard with 21.7MPH Top Speed-U.S. shipping

    • DURABLE - Featuring U shape design and stronger trucks, 8 Layers Canadian maple deck longboard retains the flex and sturdy quality.
    • FAST - Powered by high-performance brushless dual hub motor giving it a smooth streamlined power and max speed 21.7 mph.
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE - The powerful 450W*2 dual hub motor provide smooth power and the boosted board can go up to 14.3Miles/23KM on a single charge.
    • SMOOTH RIDING - 4 ride modes and 4 brake modes exclusive to iezway electrics skateboard. Each ride mode or brake mode that provides a careful taper when accelerating or braking.
    • FAST RESPONSE - Ergonomic wireless remote to control your speed with comfort and ease.
    Can be shipped to US,Pay directly with Paypal
  • IEZway Electric Skateboard 6-inch off-road Wheels 8-layer Canadian Maple Colorful Color-changing Longboard SUV-Stock in U.S. Warehouse

    • SPEED & DISTANCE - DC Brushless Motor has the ability to reach high speeds of up to 24 mph(38km/h). and travel up steep hills with a 20-degree grade with ease. With a flexible Maplewood Frame, ride to school, work, or sports practice quickly.
    • WIRELESS CONTROLS - Handheld wireless remote controls all aspects of the board. With a simple press of a button, fully gauge the speed of your ride with 3 different gear speeds and guarantee an enjoyable ride with braking, battery indication, and more.
    • SAFETY & LASTING POWER - Intelligent built-in sensors prevent electrical shortages or fires, while powerful sensors deal with speed control options and auto-brake awareness.
    • RECHARGE QUICKLY - Extremely quick charging process only takes 2 hrs. to get you back outside and riding as soon as possible. On a single charge, travel up to 12.5 miles to get to your destination whether it’s in a big city or a small neighborhood.
    • WARRANTY - Limited 1 Year Warranty provided by iEZway for manufacturers or mechanical defects. Proof of purchase required. We want to provide the best possible satisfaction for our customers.
    Can be shipped to US,Pay directly with Paypal