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5 Things iEZway Tells You About Electric Scooters

5 Things iEZway Tells You About Electric Scooters

Welcome back to today, I will introduce you to five things about scooters.

I’m riding a pure electric scooter iezway. In the process of riding and testing the v-shaped scooter, I learned something from it, so please keep this in mind, just like when we were shooting in the UK. Before this, you need to know that e-scooters can only be legally ridden on private property with the permission of the owner.

Driving range in the electric scooter specification table

Our first and very important point is that the driving range in the electric scooter specification sheet only claims that it can be easily reached, and I think 20 miles or 25 miles is great, so I will have to fully charge before riding .

But it is always worth remembering that even in a test laboratory, the mileage claimed by the manufacturer can usually be achieved under optimal conditions, such as running in ecological mode on flat terrain at warm temperatures, and the rider weight is always maintained At around 70 kg, in the real world, the situation is rarely optimal, so you usually get below the claimed driving range,

Few people take an electric scooter to reach the required range of travel in the best way.

Cycling in hilly areas will also reduce the range, because you need to use more power to overcome the slope. Continuous acceleration in the highest mode will also affect your charging distance, just like the fuel economy of a car, so , Please make sure you maintain a constant speed while driving.

5 Things iEZway Tells You About Electric Scooters

Weight Directly Affects the power of the scoote

on to point number two lightweight doesn’t always mean better when shopping around for e-scooter ,it can start to seem like it’s always beat to buy the lightest you possibly can now certain circumstances that’s true.

for example if you’re a smaller rider like me or you need to carry scooter up steps then having a lighter model makes sense.

However,there are some compromises a scooter with a lower weight will usually have a smaller battery and motor which means they’ll lack the range and power of theri heavier counterparts.

also if you’re a heavier rider then you’ll need extra power to get you up to speed and  accelerate with ease prime examples are the pure,iezway ez12,max g30 both are on the heavier and of the everyday scooter scale,but they come with some great features ,which make them well worth the extra weight the iezway ez12 is one of the only electric scooters,you can ride properly ,in the rain and through puddles it can also carry up to 120 kilograms,which is about as goog as it gets across pretty much any e-scooter.

similarly, the max g30 is by no means light but it does have an amazingly solid and planted ride feel thanks to its extra half .

Choose Pneumatic Tires and Honeycomb Tires

There are loads of things to consider when buying an e-scooter such as range weighte and power ,but what almost no one will tell you is it’s the which make the lion’s share of the difference,

This makes sense as tires are the only contact point between you and the ground so on matter how well spec your e-scooter is if it has poor quality tires.it’ll have an equally poor quality ride overall ,We usually recommend you air tires and honeycomb tires,they offer the most grip and the smoothest ride.

however the shoneycomb tires on the scooter have reduced the distance to the ground,thanks to their dual density construction size is important as well the larger the tire the easier ,It’ll roll over the lumps and bumps onthe ground and if you are worried about getting punctures with air filled tires.

We stock puncture prevention fluid which can help seal smaller holes before your tire goes flat ,so remember despite  all the exciting specs electric scooters come with when it comes to ride quality your tires will make the most difference.

Choose The Most Economical Scooter

Number fou more power doesn’t  alwayss mean better a bit point number two, it’s easy to think having the most of something is always better however from our testing .

we found more power isn’t always the best choice ,take a lighter ride like myself i weigh 56 kilograms and usually find the top mode on the most powerful scooters has too much kick for my taste.

Granted I can just use them in the lower power setting ,but more powerful scooters will usually cost more so i’d rather save myself some money and go for a slightly more affordable lower powered mode if you’re looking for a competitvely priced lower powered e-scooter then we’d recommend something like the iEZway M365 pro

Stable and Perfect For Cruising

Our final point despite how they look every e-scooter is different from extensive testing there’s one universal truth i’ve learnt along,the way each eletric scooter has its own unique set of characteristics and features.

Which will appeal to different people ,some accelerate smoothly while others have a strong punch off the line some have brakes which stop you quickly.

5 Things iEZway Tells You About Electric Scooters-1

while others take more anticipation the handling on one e-scooter might be fast and responsive while another could be stable and perfect for cruising,

so when deciding which e-scooter to buy remember that they’re all unique do your research and think carefully about the features that appeal to you the most.

this will give you the best chance of getting a model you’ll be incredibly happy with in the long run

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