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How low is the riding cost of an electric scooter?


How popular are electric scooters?

With the global spread of the new crown virus, people who travel have to choose a safe way of travel, whether it is bus or subway, driving, cycling, or walking, there is no doubt that more and more people choose to ride on electric scooters.

Some fans tell me that they spend more than $900 or more on electric scooters every year. They don’t understand where the money is spent. Compared with other modes of transportation, is electric scooter the cheapest way to travel?Let me find the answers to these questions together. First of all, we first understand why everyone chooses to ride an electric scooter

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Why do you choose to ride an electric scooter?

  • Energy saving and green travel
  • Commuting within ten kilometers is more convenient
  • Be able to explore cities and streets in free time
  • Riding a scooter feels more free and fun
  • No need to find a parking spot
  • Ride easily without expending too much effort

How much does it actually cost to ride an electric scooter?

  • Entry-level scooter
  • Intermediate scooter
  • Premium scooter
  • DIY scooter

Compared with other transportation costs

  • Bus and subway
  • Car
  • Car sharing
  • Scooter rental

Why do you choose to ride an electric scooter?

Why do most cyclists feel that scooters have changed their lifestyle? In the most obvious places, they feel that they can feel more free. For example, from home to school, they can choose more routes. Compared with other modes of transportation, there is nothing better than a scooter.

Energy saving and green travel

Our cities are built around residences, which consume a lot of energy every day to maintain the operation of the entire city. The living environment is getting worse and worse. It might be better to live in the suburbs. The good news is that the roads have complete and standardized bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths, which are very suitable for riding scooters.

It is a very good idea to be able to control your own riding scooter route while enjoying the good life. Perhaps the best time on the way to and from get off work.

iEZway pro M365 Commuting within ten kilometers is more convenient​

Commuting within ten kilometers is more convenient

  • According to a survey conducted by the British “Daily Telegraph” in 2016, the UK’s commuting time to work is the longest in Europe. About 40% of office workers in central England cities such as Birmingham spend two hours or more on the road every day.
  • The reasons for the long commute time to work come from various aspects, such as high housing prices that lead to living too far from work, poor public transportation connections, and traffic congestion.
  • In the past 4 years, the use of season tickets has dropped by 16.7% (Source: Railway and Highway Office);
  • In 2019, 23.4% of renters were living more than 10 miles away from their place of work, which is higher than 18.6% four years ago (Source: Dataloft Rental Market Analytics);The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in the United States, more than 143 million full-time employees over the age of 16 need to commute, with an average of 25.5 minutes each way.

A large amount of data shows that most people’s apartments are 0-15 kilometers away from work, and electric scooters may be the best way to travel.

Be able to explore cities and streets in free time

When taking public transportation, have you ever encountered beautiful scenery and had to miss it? When you see a store or a place that interests you, can’t you stop and take a look? If you are riding an electric scooter, you will not encounter this problem at all. You can stop anywhere, and you can completely plan your own riding route. Follow your own ideas and explore the culture of London.

Riding a scooter feels more free and fun

Of course, we will treat the scooter as a toy, so that we can re-experience the warmth and fun of childhood. For high-end scooters like iezway ez12, it can take you to farther places, camping, barbecue, play, play, and bring you more fun.

No need to find a parking spot

However, data from the Department of Transport in the United Kingdom show that the commuting time of British office workers is 54 minutes a day, while the daily commuting time of Londoners is about 80 minutes by car and more than two hours by train.

In addition to the traffic jams, finding a parking space is also a headache. Every weekend, the parking space of the supermarket is never vacant.

Ride easily without much effort

Riding a bicycle, it takes a lot of effort to ride on an uphill section, which can make people feel tired. Imagine that you are riding a bicycle and rushing to the company with sweat, which is not friendly to your personal image.

How much does it actually cost to ride an electric scooter?

Entry-level scooter
Entry-level scooter




Intermediate scooter
Intermediate scooter




Premium scooter
Premium scooter




DIY scooter
DIY scooter




Take the iEZway scooter as an example, the price is $300, and a single full charge can travel about 30km. If your daily commuting distance is 15km, then you need to charge at least once every day, although the cost of electricity is different in each city. But the electricity cost per charge is basically no more than $0.2. If you ride for 6 days a week on average, then the electricity bill is 1.2$ a week and 62$ a year. Of course, the electricity cost in actual use is definitely much lower than this cost.

In addition, the scooter also needs to be maintained in a certain period of time. According to statistics, the maintenance cost accounts for 10% of the scooter, and it costs about 30-40$. If you buy an iezway scooter, we will also give you a year of free maintenance Service, any quality problems can be replaced.

If you purchase iezway pro, the usage fee is as follows:

(Purchase cost 300$ + maintenance cost $40)/(52*1.2)=$5.45Pw per week

Reminder: This is only for one year

Compared with other transportation costs

  • Bus and subway

For example, if you take the transportation or subway in the UK, because the billing method is very complicated, we choose the more common price. A trip is 3.64$, 6 trips a week, and you need to pay about $21.84. Most passengers will spend more than this amount. .

  • Driving a car

Driving 30km a day requires 3 gallons, about 24 gallons a week, and about 24*1.612=$38.68 for driving a week.

These do not cover car insurance, parking fees, etc.

  • Shared uber car or taxi

taxi Rental is very expensive, calculated by second, at least 0.5-1.5$ per minute, no mileage fee

Even with Uber, it often incurs premium costs. Basically, it costs 40$ for a day to ride, and about 240$ per week

iEZway PRO Electric Scooter M365 Pro 350W Dual Brake App LCD Display Waterproof Foldable Electric Scooter
  • Scooter rental

The price of a shared scooter is about 0.15$/minute. The speed is usually 15-25km/h. Under normal circumstances, it takes 70 minutes to complete a 30K distance. Then the daily commuting cost is about $10.5, and it costs about $63 per week.

To Sum Up

Although from the data point of view, the cost of riding a scooter is the lowest, at least you can control your time. If you travel by transportation, you will always encounter various traffic problems, such as traffic jams and car breakdowns on the way.

If it is the first time to ride, it is most important to choose the one that suits you. It is best not to spend a lot of money. You don’t know if you will use it every day.

Of course, compared to commuting to get off work, riding a scooter is the most favorable way, which not only saves costs, but also feels more fun.

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