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What is the best commuter electric scooter?

what is the best commuter electric scooter

In the past few years when electric scooters have become popular, more and more people have chosen electric scooters as their commuting tool.

This includes many reasons, including the use of electric scooters to fold and carry, they are fast, and there is a lot of fun during riding, which saves commuting expenses and saves more time.At the same time, there are many questions when choosing to buy an electric scooter. Here you can get some answers.

Determine the purpose of your scooter

Here I will focus on the points that need to be paid attention to for commuter scooters. The specifications of electric scooters currently on the market are quite different. There are electric scooters that are particularly powerful and suitable for any terrain. This kind of scooter battery has a particularly good shock absorption effect.  Such as iezway ez12 600w specifications, off-road and daily riding, can meet your various needs. Of course, the relative price will be relatively high. The weight is also relatively heavy and inconvenient to carry. Usually, scooters above 500w are high-end specifications.

Base power 250-350W is the most popular specification, able to meet the terrain problems encountered in daily life and commute distance. The power of the e-scooter determines the size and construction of the scooter. IEZWAY EZ6 and Xiaomi M365 are good examples, with no difference in function. So in the case of similar power appearance and structure will not have a great change, including other brands of electric scooters is the same.

Remember, be sure to choose a brushless motor, this is the latest electric scooter motor, better function and efficiency than the old model. All motors of IEZWAY are brushless motors.

In the choice of electric scooter, clear their own use, according to their own situation to choose the right power.

Buy a commuter electric scooter budget

If you are buying an electric scooter for the first time, we recommend that you spend no more than £300 on your budget. Most buyers are very price conscious. Here’s a tip: search for brand keywords in YouTube videos and you may get a discount code.

For example, Iezway’s discount codes can be searched on YouTube,and you can get a discount code for $10 to $15.

Commuter scooters with a budget of £300 are most suitable for adults to ride, whether for work, daily needs, or leisure activities.

If you have been riding a scooter for many years, you can choose a high-end scooter.

The best commuter electric scooter

xiaomi and iezway m365 or ez6, their price and quality determine their status,

After a lot of investigation and feedback from distributors, this model is the most popular with everyone. With its elegant appearance and powerful functions, M365 will become the most popular electric scooter.

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