5 Things iEZway Tells You About Electric Scooters

Welcome back to today, I will introduce you to five things about scooters.

I’m riding a pure electric scooter iezway. In the process of riding and testing the v-shaped scooter, I learned something from it, so please keep this in mind, just like when we were shooting in the UK. Before this, you need to know that e-scooters can only be legally ridden on private property with the permission of the owner.

Driving range in the electric scooter specification table

Our first and very important point is that the driving range in the electric scooter specification sheet only claims that it can be easily reached, and I think 20 miles or 25 miles is great, so I will have to fully charge before riding .

But it is always worth remembering that even in a test laboratory, the mileage claimed by the manufacturer can usually be achieved under optimal conditions, such as running in ecological mode on flat terrain at warm temperatures, and the rider weight is always maintained At around 70 kg, in the real world, the situation is rarely optimal, so you usually get below the claimed driving range,

Few people take an electric scooter to reach the required range of travel in the best way.

Cycling in hilly areas will also reduce the range, because you need to use more power to overcome the slope. Continuous acceleration in the highest mode will also affect your charging distance, just like the fuel economy of a car, so , Please make sure you maintain a constant speed while driving.

5 Things iEZway Tells You About Electric Scooters

Weight Directly Affects the power of the scoote

on to point number two lightweight doesn’t always mean better when shopping around for e-scooter ,it can start to seem like it’s always beat to buy the lightest you possibly can now certain circumstances that’s true.

for example if you’re a smaller rider like me or you need to carry scooter up steps then having a lighter model makes sense.

However,there are some compromises a scooter with a lower weight will usually have a smaller battery and motor which means they’ll lack the range and power of theri heavier counterparts.

also if you’re a heavier rider then you’ll need extra power to get you up to speed and  accelerate with ease prime examples are the pure,iezway ez12,max g30 both are on the heavier and of the everyday scooter scale,but they come with some great features ,which make them well worth the extra weight the iezway ez12 is one of the only electric scooters,you can ride properly ,in the rain and through puddles it can also carry up to 120 kilograms,which is about as goog as it gets across pretty much any e-scooter.

similarly, the max g30 is by no means light but it does have an amazingly solid and planted ride feel thanks to its extra half .

Choose Pneumatic Tires and Honeycomb Tires

There are loads of things to consider when buying an e-scooter such as range weighte and power ,but what almost no one will tell you is it’s the which make the lion’s share of the difference,

This makes sense as tires are the only contact point between you and the ground so on matter how well spec your e-scooter is if it has poor quality tires.it’ll have an equally poor quality ride overall ,We usually recommend you air tires and honeycomb tires,they offer the most grip and the smoothest ride.

however the shoneycomb tires on the scooter have reduced the distance to the ground,thanks to their dual density construction size is important as well the larger the tire the easier ,It’ll roll over the lumps and bumps onthe ground and if you are worried about getting punctures with air filled tires.

We stock puncture prevention fluid which can help seal smaller holes before your tire goes flat ,so remember despite  all the exciting specs electric scooters come with when it comes to ride quality your tires will make the most difference.

Choose The Most Economical Scooter

Number fou more power doesn’t  alwayss mean better a bit point number two, it’s easy to think having the most of something is always better however from our testing .

we found more power isn’t always the best choice ,take a lighter ride like myself i weigh 56 kilograms and usually find the top mode on the most powerful scooters has too much kick for my taste.

Granted I can just use them in the lower power setting ,but more powerful scooters will usually cost more so i’d rather save myself some money and go for a slightly more affordable lower powered mode if you’re looking for a competitvely priced lower powered e-scooter then we’d recommend something like the iEZway M365 pro

Stable and Perfect For Cruising

Our final point despite how they look every e-scooter is different from extensive testing there’s one universal truth i’ve learnt along,the way each eletric scooter has its own unique set of characteristics and features.

Which will appeal to different people ,some accelerate smoothly while others have a strong punch off the line some have brakes which stop you quickly.

5 Things iEZway Tells You About Electric Scooters-1

while others take more anticipation the handling on one e-scooter might be fast and responsive while another could be stable and perfect for cruising,

so when deciding which e-scooter to buy remember that they’re all unique do your research and think carefully about the features that appeal to you the most.

this will give you the best chance of getting a model you’ll be incredibly happy with in the long run

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How to use iezway Coupons?

  1.  Find the product page you want to buy, click Add to basket or Buy now
iEZway Electric Scooter add to basker

2. it is recommended to directly select checkout

2.1If you choose View basket, it doesn’t matter,
After entering the shopping basket, you do not need to fill in the address and coupons. This is only the estimated shipping cost. All models of iezway scooters are shipped free of charge, except for special places.

3.Click “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”
Enter the coupon code you got, fill in the delivery address, and pay via PayPal.

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What is the best commuter electric scooter?

In the past few years when electric scooters have become popular, more and more people have chosen electric scooters as their commuting tool.

This includes many reasons, including the use of electric scooters to fold and carry, they are fast, and there is a lot of fun during riding, which saves commuting expenses and saves more time.At the same time, there are many questions when choosing to buy an electric scooter. Here you can get some answers.

Determine the purpose of your scooter

Here I will focus on the points that need to be paid attention to for commuter scooters. The specifications of electric scooters currently on the market are quite different. There are electric scooters that are particularly powerful and suitable for any terrain. This kind of scooter battery has a particularly good shock absorption effect.  Such as iezway ez12 600w specifications, off-road and daily riding, can meet your various needs. Of course, the relative price will be relatively high. The weight is also relatively heavy and inconvenient to carry. Usually, scooters above 500w are high-end specifications.

Base power 250-350W is the most popular specification, able to meet the terrain problems encountered in daily life and commute distance. The power of the e-scooter determines the size and construction of the scooter. IEZWAY EZ6 and Xiaomi M365 are good examples, with no difference in function. So in the case of similar power appearance and structure will not have a great change, including other brands of electric scooters is the same.

Remember, be sure to choose a brushless motor, this is the latest electric scooter motor, better function and efficiency than the old model. All motors of IEZWAY are brushless motors.

In the choice of electric scooter, clear their own use, according to their own situation to choose the right power.

Buy a commuter electric scooter budget

If you are buying an electric scooter for the first time, we recommend that you spend no more than £300 on your budget. Most buyers are very price conscious. Here’s a tip: search for brand keywords in YouTube videos and you may get a discount code.

For example, Iezway’s discount codes can be searched on YouTube,and you can get a discount code for $10 to $15.

Commuter scooters with a budget of £300 are most suitable for adults to ride, whether for work, daily needs, or leisure activities.

If you have been riding a scooter for many years, you can choose a high-end scooter.

The best commuter electric scooter

xiaomi and iezway m365 or ez6, their price and quality determine their status,

After a lot of investigation and feedback from distributors, this model is the most popular with everyone. With its elegant appearance and powerful functions, M365 will become the most popular electric scooter.

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How low is the riding cost of an electric scooter?

How popular are electric scooters?

With the global spread of the new crown virus, people who travel have to choose a safe way of travel, whether it is bus or subway, driving, cycling, or walking, there is no doubt that more and more people choose to ride on electric scooters.

Some fans tell me that they spend more than $900 or more on electric scooters every year. They don’t understand where the money is spent. Compared with other modes of transportation, is electric scooter the cheapest way to travel?Let me find the answers to these questions together. First of all, we first understand why everyone chooses to ride an electric scooter

iEZway Electric Scooter

Why do you choose to ride an electric scooter?

  • Energy saving and green travel
  • Commuting within ten kilometers is more convenient
  • Be able to explore cities and streets in free time
  • Riding a scooter feels more free and fun
  • No need to find a parking spot
  • Ride easily without expending too much effort

How much does it actually cost to ride an electric scooter?

  • Entry-level scooter
  • Intermediate scooter
  • Premium scooter
  • DIY scooter

Compared with other transportation costs

  • Bus and subway
  • Car
  • Car sharing
  • Scooter rental

Why do you choose to ride an electric scooter?

Why do most cyclists feel that scooters have changed their lifestyle? In the most obvious places, they feel that they can feel more free. For example, from home to school, they can choose more routes. Compared with other modes of transportation, there is nothing better than a scooter.

Energy saving and green travel

Our cities are built around residences, which consume a lot of energy every day to maintain the operation of the entire city. The living environment is getting worse and worse. It might be better to live in the suburbs. The good news is that the roads have complete and standardized bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths, which are very suitable for riding scooters.

It is a very good idea to be able to control your own riding scooter route while enjoying the good life. Perhaps the best time on the way to and from get off work.

iEZway pro M365 Commuting within ten kilometers is more convenient​

Commuting within ten kilometers is more convenient

  • According to a survey conducted by the British “Daily Telegraph” in 2016, the UK’s commuting time to work is the longest in Europe. About 40% of office workers in central England cities such as Birmingham spend two hours or more on the road every day.
  • The reasons for the long commute time to work come from various aspects, such as high housing prices that lead to living too far from work, poor public transportation connections, and traffic congestion.
  • In the past 4 years, the use of season tickets has dropped by 16.7% (Source: Railway and Highway Office);
  • In 2019, 23.4% of renters were living more than 10 miles away from their place of work, which is higher than 18.6% four years ago (Source: Dataloft Rental Market Analytics);The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in the United States, more than 143 million full-time employees over the age of 16 need to commute, with an average of 25.5 minutes each way.

A large amount of data shows that most people’s apartments are 0-15 kilometers away from work, and electric scooters may be the best way to travel.

Be able to explore cities and streets in free time

When taking public transportation, have you ever encountered beautiful scenery and had to miss it? When you see a store or a place that interests you, can’t you stop and take a look? If you are riding an electric scooter, you will not encounter this problem at all. You can stop anywhere, and you can completely plan your own riding route. Follow your own ideas and explore the culture of London.

Riding a scooter feels more free and fun

Of course, we will treat the scooter as a toy, so that we can re-experience the warmth and fun of childhood. For high-end scooters like iezway ez12, it can take you to farther places, camping, barbecue, play, play, and bring you more fun.

No need to find a parking spot

However, data from the Department of Transport in the United Kingdom show that the commuting time of British office workers is 54 minutes a day, while the daily commuting time of Londoners is about 80 minutes by car and more than two hours by train.

In addition to the traffic jams, finding a parking space is also a headache. Every weekend, the parking space of the supermarket is never vacant.

Ride easily without much effort

Riding a bicycle, it takes a lot of effort to ride on an uphill section, which can make people feel tired. Imagine that you are riding a bicycle and rushing to the company with sweat, which is not friendly to your personal image.

How much does it actually cost to ride an electric scooter?

Entry-level scooter
Entry-level scooter




Intermediate scooter
Intermediate scooter




Premium scooter
Premium scooter




DIY scooter
DIY scooter




Take the iEZway scooter as an example, the price is $300, and a single full charge can travel about 30km. If your daily commuting distance is 15km, then you need to charge at least once every day, although the cost of electricity is different in each city. But the electricity cost per charge is basically no more than $0.2. If you ride for 6 days a week on average, then the electricity bill is 1.2$ a week and 62$ a year. Of course, the electricity cost in actual use is definitely much lower than this cost.

In addition, the scooter also needs to be maintained in a certain period of time. According to statistics, the maintenance cost accounts for 10% of the scooter, and it costs about 30-40$. If you buy an iezway scooter, we will also give you a year of free maintenance Service, any quality problems can be replaced.

If you purchase iezway pro, the usage fee is as follows:

(Purchase cost 300$ + maintenance cost $40)/(52*1.2)=$5.45Pw per week

Reminder: This is only for one year

Compared with other transportation costs

  • Bus and subway

For example, if you take the transportation or subway in the UK, because the billing method is very complicated, we choose the more common price. A trip is 3.64$, 6 trips a week, and you need to pay about $21.84. Most passengers will spend more than this amount. .

  • Driving a car

Driving 30km a day requires 3 gallons, about 24 gallons a week, and about 24*1.612=$38.68 for driving a week.

These do not cover car insurance, parking fees, etc.

  • Shared uber car or taxi

taxi Rental is very expensive, calculated by second, at least 0.5-1.5$ per minute, no mileage fee

Even with Uber, it often incurs premium costs. Basically, it costs 40$ for a day to ride, and about 240$ per week

iEZway PRO Electric Scooter M365 Pro 350W Dual Brake App LCD Display Waterproof Foldable Electric Scooter
  • Scooter rental

The price of a shared scooter is about 0.15$/minute. The speed is usually 15-25km/h. Under normal circumstances, it takes 70 minutes to complete a 30K distance. Then the daily commuting cost is about $10.5, and it costs about $63 per week.

To Sum Up

Although from the data point of view, the cost of riding a scooter is the lowest, at least you can control your time. If you travel by transportation, you will always encounter various traffic problems, such as traffic jams and car breakdowns on the way.

If it is the first time to ride, it is most important to choose the one that suits you. It is best not to spend a lot of money. You don’t know if you will use it every day.

Of course, compared to commuting to get off work, riding a scooter is the most favorable way, which not only saves costs, but also feels more fun.

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Common Mistakes New Electric Scooter Owners Make

Many things about learning to ride an electric scooter are intuitive and easy. Here are some new things I often see about riding, and even things I have experienced.

The first mistake I often see is not setting up the scooter properly

On the Internet, you can often see some videos or pictures of the falling of the scooter posted by others. The screws are off and the cockpit screws are not tightened. Therefore, before riding the scooter, please make sure that the scooter is ready for riding.

After unpacking the scooter, tighten all the screws and bolts on the scooter. On the packing list, please pay attention to the corresponding load or bolt type. Never believe products with improper or improper installation of parts.

A new scooter needs to adjust your cockpit, which includes the controller, step on the brakes that have been set, and other buttons and joysticks. Your cockpit should be adjusted to the most comfortable.

Tips for adjusting your scooter:

  1. Loosen all items on the handlebar, including brakes, car bells, etc.
  2.  Keep the scooter upright against the wall, and keep it stable and safe when you ride it.
  3.  Keep your hands on the handlebar in a comfortable and natural position, sliding and rotating the brake system, it is recommended to fix the brake device close to the hand.
  4. Don’t pinch your fingers with the bell.
  5. Slide the brake lever inward and the handlebar can give you greater leverage.
  6. Re-tighten the bolts to ensure that they are sufficiently tightened. At the same time, avoid over-tightening. Over-tightening may cause damage to the parts. Just tighten them firmly enough.

Here are a few common mistakes when riding a scooter:

Many scooter riders feel that their feet are placed side by side when stepping on an electric scooter. It is recommended that you do not ride this way

The following general rules should be followed when riding

  • One foot is in front of the other foot, and the front toes point as far as possible to the front of the scooter.
  • Keep your body facing forward, so that the scooter has more vision.
  • Place another foot on the rear side of the scooter, and the part supported by the rear wheel of the scooter forms an angle with the foot. Of course, the rear wheel support part has a brake button that can be stepped on.

Leaning weight distribution when riding

Distributing its own weight on the scooter is one of the most unique and important functions.

When riding with your feet side by side, the weight distribution is relatively fixed, it is difficult to quickly transfer the weight distribution during driving, and it is easy to fall and cause accidents.

With your feet crossed, you can easily transfer weight from one foot to the other. This is the correct way of weight distribution.

When riding acceleration, move your body weight forward to your front foot and lean forward to offset the acceleration force.

Especially when stepping on the accelerator, the scooter keeps leaning forward when accelerating until it reaches the required speed when cruising at a constant speed.

When braking, you need to lean back and bend your legs slightly to transfer the weight to the rear foot to avoid exceeding the weight of the handlebar.

Ride a few more times to adapt to the weight distribution of your body. When riding on your community roads, accelerate and brake, and at the same time transfer your body to the correct position, be able to slam on the brakes and instinctively lean back. In order to save time, Can practice multiple times.

Control the turn by turning the steering wheel slightly

It’s also important to be able to distribute your body weight naturally when turning.

To be able to control the scooter at high speeds, remember to tilt the scooter in the direction you need to turn to complete the steering of the scooter.If you want to control the turn by turning the steering wheel slightly, when you turn, your body and the scooter lean toward the place you want to turn. The steering starts, keeping the scooter tilted, and at the same time tilting your body weight to the inside of the turn to prevent yourself from overturning.

The practice must be practiced and mastered in a controlled environment. New riders including skilled people will make mistakes, so don’t be discouraged.

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How to choose the best electric scooter for adults

When people think that the scooter is the image of a child , the adult scooter have already enjoyed themselves riding the scooter outdoors . But please note that scooters are not limited to many children . Electric scooters move around because they are economical , cheap to travel , and in most cases they are easy to ride . When buying an electric scooter , you should have some key features . Before making a decision ,  Let’s take a look at some of these features .

High-quality brakes may be an important feature that you must consider

 When you ride , you can get powerful power and reach the speed that satisfies you . It is important to have a powerful braking system . The best solution are to have hydraulic disc brakes , mechanical disc brakes , drum belts and Brakes can also do the job . The golden rule is that you should constantly change and use different braking methods . If you want to brake properly , use pedal brakes and brake pads .

Some higher-quality electric scooters had regenerative functions , electric brakes , these are great when you want to stop smoothly , the rear brakes are also very practical when stored in the battery , and the big thing about them is that you only need to step on the rear gear . You will stop .

Lamp lighting and folding function

iEZway PRO Electric Scooter M365 Pro 350W Dual Brake App LCD Display Waterproof Foldable Electric Scooter

Another important function, when driving at night, we want to see the headlights on the road, you should ensure that the electric scooter has sufficient light to ensure the safety of the driving process.

Should also consider whether the size of the scooter is important. There are ultra-fast folding systems and ultra-light electric scooters commuting to work every day. Is portability important? It is recommended that you choose the most suitable carrying method, which will determine how much power you need.

Get the correct scooter information

If you commute to work in a crowded city, you don’t need too much power. For this reason, if it’s more off-road fun, choose at least 1000w of power and configure a chain drive, then the scooter will be more powerful.

The electric motor will also get higher torque. You can use an electric scooter at speeds ranging from 80 to 50 miles per hour, 15 to 20 miles per hour, long-distance travel or off-road racing with friends, in some cases This speed is not bad, some manufacturers claim that their electric scooters can let you ride for about 40-50 minutes, some claim that you can travel 50 miles, and all of this is undisputed, so make sure you The salesperson gets the correct information when talk

Different gaps and choices of batteries

Now there is lead-acid and lithium battery options. If you want to use an electric scooter every day, the journey of the day is clear. You need to use lithium-ion batteries, but for children, if you use lead-acid magnets for occasional riding, you can complete a short commute work.

I don’t know what you think of the scooter standing, but for me, this is an electric scooter. It is special because of the writing style. You should also understand the seat, choose the motor driven by the chain drive and what kind of tires are most suitable How you commute.

Price Factor

The final cost are worth discussing. Of course, the brand name is one of the reasons for the higher prices of some scooters. Some brands are better than others, such as the iezway electric scooters. The design is especially necessary for you. Noticed, but should not be the most important factor when choosing a scooter.

How to choose an electric scooter PRO in the UK

Appearance designed choice

There are other important functions. If it’s important to you, you should prioritize elegance and fashion before designing, suitable for your office. For example, the design of M365 is very popular. When you fold it next to the table, please Pay attention to the design. When you find that this is what you want, for some of the more important features, some manufacturers give a different warranty period than others.

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Why you should buy an electric scooter

in recent years electric scooters have become more popular than ever as their popularity continues to explode their potential as a huge part of the future for commuting and recreational use needs to be seriously considered electric scooters are much more than the gimmick that they started out.

as they’re more than something that you see people renting downtown for fun electric scooters are an extremely versatile useful and fun mode of transportation.


Let me explain why you should seriously consider buying a scooter.

According to the 2010 u.s census 95.7 percent of employed persons in the usa have a daily commute to work the average commute distance varies widely by city .

let’s use the united states most populous city new york as an example, the average new york commute distance is 7.7 miles and the average new york commute time is an hour and 10 minutes.that puts the average speed of a commuter in new york at an astonishingly sluggish  6.5 miles per hour, about 60 percent of all commuters in new york travel to and from work via public ,transportation they could choose to travel via bike, but showing up to the office sweaty from a morning ride isn’t feasible for many people.they could choose to walk to work ,but if that were faster than waiting for the subway more people would do it, they could choose to drive and sit in traffic then find and pay for a place to park.

But if you could avoid that then why wouldn’t?even the slowest electric scooters travel around 15 miles per hour,easily beating the speed of an average commuter,you get the benefits of a bike without getting sweaty, you easily outpace walking speed and you avoid the hassle of having to lock up your bike by simply folding up your scooter and carrying it inside to be stored under your desk.

or in a break room, scooters have the speed to be used in a bike lane and are low profile, enough to be used on the sidewalk。

if needed faster scooters can even be used in the streets in areas.

where the speed limit is lower naturally there will always be people in situations, where one method of travel is the only possible or safe way to travel to work.

please keep in mind that i’m using new york as an example simply to illustrate that many people could benefit from a faster way to get to work , electric scooters could be that solution for many people.

iEZway Electric Scooter

Electric scooters do not exist solely for the purpose of commuting

if that were the case i probably wouldn’t own one my commute to work is a measly 2.6 mile round trip, that takes me 6 minutes each way ,so while i use my scooter to get to work and back, i purchased all my scooters with the intention to use them, recreationally speaking completely honestly riding electric scooters is some of the most fun.

All electric vehicles have the huge benefit of being low maintenance

There are no oils to change minimal moving parts that need to be replaced and a good quality scooter will be sealed off from water and dirt.

Riding a scooter to have fun to relax or to de-stress not wanting to ride public transportation to avoid sweating in summer having the convenience of a portable personal electric vehicle.scooters often for a commute or for fun buy your own scooter,i promise it’s worth it financially it makes a ton of sense here’s the math.

One month's cost of sharing a scooter is enough to buy an entry scooter

Costed one dollar to unlock a scooter and then 30 cents a minute to ride using the data from the new york.average commute of 7.7 miles round trip,estimating an average speed of 10 miles per hour to take into account the slower speed of rental scooters stop lights and things like that that means it would cost two dollars to unlock one dollar to work and one dollar from work plus a 23 minute commute each way.

meaning you are spending almost 16 a day to commute to work eighty dollars a week.if you have a five day work week means that in about one month you would have paid the cost of an entry level scooter just in fees just buy a scooter if you use ride chair i promise it’s worth it.For example, iEZway EZ8 entry electric scooter only costs 199 £

Secondly owning your own scooter will give you a chance to learn how to use it properly , give you the chance to get all the proper accessories for it especially a helmet the reason .

electric scooters have gained a bit of a bad reputation , because people are using rideshare without being properly equipped or knowing what they’re doin electric scooters are no more dangerous than bikes or walking yet many people stupidly think they can jump on a ride share scooter and fly around on the sidewalk.

They too often end up hurting themselves or others or damaging things and by buying a scooter, you can add one more rider to the street that knows what they are doing and has the proper safety gear to help people understand the scooters themselves are not the issue .

But rather the bad judgment of an inexperienced riders i hope i was able to shed a little light on why electric scooters have the possibility to become a huge part of the future for transportation.

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Why electric scooters are illegal in London

In London, it is illegal to use electric scooters here for a series of reasons. The earliest law that can be traced back to the Victorian era is the Highway Act. In 1835, horses, donkeys, sheep, pigs, cows, or carriages were prohibited from driving on the sidewalk. However, modern laws have updated the laws of the old age. The latest law states that carriages, including any other mechanically propelled vehicles, cannot be driven on the sidewalk.

In the law, electric scooters may not exist at all, so they belong to the same category as motor vehicles in some way, but electric scooters do not have the same safety and tax laws and regulations, and even bicycle lanes are not considered. It is reserved for things that carry him on the pedal.

Electric scooters on the streets of London are technically at risk of a fine of £300 and 6 points for driving license. If you live in New York City, you may notice the similarities of electric scooters. There are electric scooters everywhere, but there is no sharing of scooters, because it is technically illegal in New York. Now law enforcement is not as strict as London. The police basically ignore it. In fact, electric scooters are a list of vehicles prohibited by the DMV in New York. in.

The current law allows electric scooters to be driven on private land. In the past year, Bert conducted electric scooters experiments in the United Kingdom. In London Olympic Park, more and more people are stepping on electric scooters. People may encounter People of the same type.

The idea of allowing electric scooters to be legal is beginning to surface

At present, the legalization of scooters in the UK is progressing slowly. This is not a bad thing. We all know that it takes time to sign a law. What needs to be debated in the UK is to formulate rules and regulations and actively implement them. We hope that the government will provide scooters. Legislating minimum safety standards. Since March 2019, the British government has done the largest review of transportation regulations. This is very suitable for scooters. They are trying to adjust the legalization of scooters and may even add new vehicles. Defined to allow scooters to be driven on public roads.

Nevertheless, the actual problems faced are still very complex. The design of urban streets may also need to be developed to adapt to new vehicles. This is a modern problem. Many cities have designed roads for cars, and there will be more other transportation.

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How to choose an electric scooter PRO in the UK

How to choose the professional version of electric scooter ? 

Obviously , don’t worry before buying an electric scooter , seriously consider what type of scooter you wants? What kind of functions and features does it had , what problems will be encountered with daily riding of a scooter , and can you solve these problems by yourself?

Of course , we are here to provide you with three ways to choose a scooter .Choose a more well-known brand scooter.When buying a product with a price of more than £100, what factors do you consider? But one of the things we think is more important is the brand of the product, and the same applies to buying electric scooters.

As one of the main considerations, we will tell you why you should choose a well-known brand scooter. As riding on the road, you must pay attention to your own safety, which is directly related to the design and manufacture of the scooter. If there are traffic problems caused by quality problems, this is really an unwise choice.

The IEZway PRO M365 electric scooter is very good in this respect, and its quality and design have been recognized by millions of customers.

Choose the most suitable price 

Many people first consider the price when buying a scooter . When the specifications of the scooter are not much different , the price factor is particularly obvious . When choosing , you must combine your actual needs . The higher the specifications and configuration of the scooter , the more expensive it is . If too many functions are used in practice , it will cause a lot of waste . Among the scooters on the market , M365 pro is more popular . The price is between £200-£300 , which is the best performance of the scooter . We have investigated the manufacture of many scooters .

The design and manufacturing cost of raw materials in this price range are comparable . Almost , it is the closest to the price ratio .

Choose a reliable after-sales scooter 

Scooters need after-sales help , no matter if you have problems or not . After riding for more than a year , you may need after-sales help to replace parts . Most of the scooters are repaired free to charge for six months to one year , and some are part of the warranty , such as batteries , parts , etc . iEzway promises a free warranty for one year .

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What happens if you don’t ride the scooter battery for a long time?

What is weak voltage protection?

In daily life, you don’t need to ride an electric scooter every day. If you don’t ride a scooter for a long time, there is a high probability that the scooter’s battery will have problems, such as a drop in battery power, a drop in voltage, and a shorter riding mileage. The drawbacks of the entire battery are revealed.


All of this is related to the design of the battery. When designing a battery professionally, engineers will design a way to protect the battery from voltage. Once the battery is not used for a long time, the entire battery will enter a sleep state. At this time, the entire battery will be found Its performance is very poor and will make you feel that the battery is broken.

What is weak voltage protection?​

How to protect the scooter battery?

When riding, install the scooter for routine maintenance. For details, please refer to:How to extend battery life of electric scoote?

If you don’t ride the scooter for a long time, you should also charge the battery regularly. If you encounter a weak point, you can ask a professional engineer to help activate the battery, so that the battery can restore its original function.

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