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Can a electric scooter run with one battery?

Battery design and composition

Electric scooter battery The battery is generally placed under the seat, some are directly fixed under the base, and some are detachable. I feel that each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is directly fixed and inconvenient to bring upstairs for charging; the scooter battery that can be removed freely is easy to be stolen. Therefore, the battery design is different. You can choose the one that suits you according to the actual situation.

iEZway PRO Scooter

At present, the batteries generally used in electric scooters are divided into lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Lead-acid batteries are low in replacement cost, but they are easy to wear.

Lithium batteries have the advantages of high efficiency, light volume and long life, but they are also expensive.

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of technology, the price of lithium batteries has also fallen, and the utilization rate has slowly increased. The batteries of electric scooters on the market are assembled from multiple batteries. The longer the range, the more battery packs. 

The higher the voltage, the stronger the power (climbing); the larger the capacity, the stronger the battery life.

When the scooter is made, the battery has been installed and fixed, which is very safe.And from the outside, it looks like there is only one battery.

Battery capacity and endurance of electric scooters

The battery has the greatest impact on the mileage. First, the battery conversion rate and energy density are higher, that is, the battery life with a larger battery capacity under the same volume and weight will increase.

The battery of an electric scooter usually uses a single cell capacity of 2600 or 3200, and iezway’s batteries use this kind of large-capacity battery.

The best solution for electric scooter motor operation

The power of the motor is not as large as possible. Too much power will cause waste, and too little power will not be enough. At the same time, the power selection of the hub motor is also related to the wheel diameter, speed, and torque.

Take a scooter with an 8-inch wheel diameter as an example. The motor power can be in the range of 250W~350W. Each motor has an optimal power range. This is related to the output curve of the motor. The output power of the general cruising speed is just in this optimal range Inside.

Electric scooter motor control method

The current two control methods, square wave control and sine wave control, have their own advantages and disadvantages. I prefer the sine wave control, which has comfortable control, linear acceleration, high cost, low power consumption, and low sound.Square wave control is simple and rough, cheap and stable, accelerating in a straight line, starting rush, cruising and saving power.

In general, it is recommended to use sine wave control to produce products. A good sine wave control method requires higher technical capabilities of the enterprise and pays more attention to user experience. The overall energy utilization efficiency is 5 to 7% higher than square wave control.

How to distinguish sine wave and square wave control? Sine wave control is to turn the handle slightly under no load. At this time, the motor starts softly and smoothly, and continues to accelerate to the highest speed. Under load, it starts softly without rushing, and has no abnormal noise, quiet and comfortable; while the square wave controller is quiet and comfortable. When the handle is turned a little under load, the motor accelerates a little. Under load, there is a lot of noise when starting, and the start is harder, which is not convenient to control.

Electric scooter tire selection

Vacuum tires: more durable, currently mainly used for electric motorcycles, easy to maintain, only a bottle of tire repair fluid

Inner and outer tires: Most bicycles use inner and outer tires, which are widely used. The bad thing is that repairing a tire is more troublesome

Honeycomb solid tires: do not need to be pumped up, durable, the current shared scooters are solid tires.

iEZway Electric Scooter tire selection

At present, most of the nominal battery life in the industry are not accurate, and a few are credible or close to the nominal value. However, the battery life is affected by personal riding habits and environment, and the measured data is almost different for each person.

The problem of mileage is not that the farther the better, the main consideration is our activity radius, choosing the right one is the best. For example, if your activity radius is 5km near your home, then you can consider the maximum mileage around 20km. That’s fine. If it is too big, it will increase the cost, such as the cost of replacing the battery, heavier body weight, etc.

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