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Criteria for choosing adult electric scooters

Mainly talk about the points that buyers need to pay attention to when buying adult scooters

1.Why choose an electric scooter

The epidemic continues to spread,In addition, the traffic mode is very congested, and people living in every city are facing great risks. We need to plan a safe travel path for ourselves, such as riding an electric scooter to go out.

In the hot summer, on the way to work or school, when you are riding a bicycle, or on a crowded bus, you must have seen the experience of others passing by you on an electric scooter.

What was in your mind at that time?

My thoughts are: I am so envious, I really want to have it

2. What factors should be considered when purchasing

The main purpose:

  1. Use on the way to and from get off work
  2. Use within the distance between home and school, or within school
  3. You can put it in the trunk for driving and play, and when you arrive at the destination, it can replace the car to go to places that cannot be reached
  4. Can be used as a tool or as a toy
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Driving Distance

First choose the one with a longer mileage, and of course also consider the usage. If the distance to the school is 5 kilometers, you can basically choose any adult electric scooter. If the distance exceeds 10 kilometers, you can choose to travel a distance of 15 kilometers. There must be an error in the driving distance in actual use. It is best not to choose a scooter that can only travel 10 kilometers

Scooter weight

In all adult electric scooters sold, the weight is basically the same. Many people will feel tired if they need to be folded and carried around.


The smaller the tire, the easier it is to skid, especially when turning. The smaller the size, the greater the bumpiness of the scooter


Whether you need it or not depends on you, the seat has no shock absorption effect, and there may be no place to put your feet after adding the seat


The height should be appropriate, especially for taller ones, otherwise you will feel tired


Generally it is between 10-25km/h. Faster speed is more dangerous. Don’t pursue fast speed. The main thing is whether you can stop safely during use.

Braking performance

Basically use electronic brakes + physical brakes


It is mainly related to shock absorption


It is recommended not to use it on rainy days, or on roads with water, it is easy to slip and you will be particularly embarrassed

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3.The brand and price recommendation of electric scooters

We have collected the usage data and feedback of some scooters on the market, for reference only


iEZway M365 PRO

GOTRAX GXL Commuter V2


Xiaomi Mi M365

Segway Ninebot Max

Unicool T8



EMOVE Touring

Zero 9


EMOVE Cruiser

Kaabo Mantis

MiniMotors Dualtron Thunder

Before we use the adult electric scooter, what preparations do we need to do?

  1. Traffic laws (according to local regulations to determine whether you can ride on the road)

    Are electric scooter legal in uk?

2.Before going on the road, need to investigate
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2.1 Whether the road section to be driven has a bicycle lane, whether there is a slope, how high the slope is (the slope directly affects the endurance of the vehicle, the climbing ability is not enough, and the slope cannot be climbed), whether there are stairs (you have to carry it if you have it, Re-plan the route if you don’t want to carry it)

2.2 Inspect the road conditions, whether the road is smooth (otherwise the front wheel may be blocked and the vehicle will roll over), and whether it is blocked during peak hours (also research the travel route)

2.3 The weather on the day of departure (if it is raining or snowing, it is best not to ride, safety first)

3.It is best to wear protective gear to go out


  • The most important thing to choose the one that suits you:
  • Ride under safe conditions
  • Observe the traffic rules
  • Choose products within demand

Hope to bring you some help.

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