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Electric scooters: How to make them safer

Regarding the safety of the electric scooters they have been riding,Scooters have been popular for several years now, but since the beginning of the pandemic,More and more people want to avoid disclosing their mode of transportation,There are only a few people who want to ride an electric scooter but worry about safety.People who are tempted by electric scooters, but delayed by this concept, there are still some dangers.

So I want to share some tips on how to ride

How to ride an e-scooter as safe as possible?

As an electric scooter rider, I have a very simple all-encompassing rule, which is as simple as riding a bicycle. Riding an electric scooter has the same speed as a normal cyclist.These two groups occupy approximately the same amount and space.

At present, the lanes designed on the road are shared with cars, but they are often forced to drive in motorized lanes. Due to insufficient infrastructure, from a safety point of view, I will ride a scooter to make more preparations.The main difference between riding an electric scooter and riding a bicycle.

Wheel size

Obviously, the wheels of the scooter are smaller, so you have to pay more attention, there are more cracks in the road than you think. Another difference is visibility, because you are standing on the scooter and you are a little taller, which means you have a better line of sight, but fundamentally they are very similar, so ride an electric scooter safely on the road

My suggestion is simple, ride an electric scooter to make yourself as visible as possible, use reflective gears and light wear.Wear a helmet and do not drink and ride a scooter.When driving on the road, assume that every car is going to do the stupidest thing they could do, and plan to be extra careful and leave more space accordingly.

Because if you ride a scooter, you accidentally collide with a car,It doesn’t matter whose fault is, what’s more important is that you will come out of safety,No matter what kind of vehicle you use, it is always safer to build it carefully.

Electric scooters are a very new and unregulated industry.

There are several factors for your scooter, from a safety perspective.

The larger the wheel and tire, the better the wheel can cope with bumps,Scooters usually come with pneumatic or airless tires.

They provide a good cushion, the latter has much lower maintenance costs and is not easy to puncture,The pneumatic tire suspension makes riding more stable, which means you don’t have to worry too much about bumps and cracks on the road.

I would definitely recommend choosing an airless tire or suspension,Or both, but if you choose to have it, neither of you like bumps

You have to be very careful at what speed,

Be sure to buy within your abilities, similarly the first scooter should not be a super scooter at 50 miles per hour.

It’s best not to buy a scooter that is too slow. A scooter that feels comfortable and stable at 20 miles per hour is safer than a 15-year-old child. Finally, choose a reputable brand again, mainly because you just I want to make sure I buy from a well-reviewed brand.Please remember that when you buy a scooter, there are some unsafe places,

Things to consider, range and what color it is,Another suggestion about buying Scooter (if there is an actual scooter)Shop,Any place near you I will strongly recommend you to try it there.

Before you buy, you can test it, you need expert advice for repair or maintenance, instead of transporting your scooter halfway through every puncture, this is why I recommend buying honeycomb tires.

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