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Frequently Asked Questions About Riding an electric scooter

Why do pneumatic tires feel faster than honeycomb tires when riding an electric scooter?

First of all, the scooter you are using must have the same configuration of motor and battery to have the conditions for speed comparison. If it is a scooter with different battery specifications, no matter how the comparison is during riding, the speed of the big battery scooter is higher.


Pneumatic tire features: pneumatic tires can be selected for uncomplicated road conditions. The shock absorption effect is better. The friction of the tires on the road surface is relatively small, and there is no feeling of bumps when driving. You will feel that driving is faster, but pneumatic tires are easy to blow out. Similar to a broken bicycle tire, it is particularly troublesome to deal with. You can refer to bicycle tire repair methods

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Characteristics of honeycomb tires: Compared with pneumatic tires, honeycomb tires have poor shock absorption, but the difference will not be obvious. It is convenient to use. Because the tires are honeycomb, the shock absorption is low.

But we have done experiments in the laboratory, the same configuration of electric scooters, different tires, there will be no obvious speed difference during driving. There will be a slight deviation in shock absorption.

What is the average life span of an electric scooter?

  • These problems are often encountered when buying an electric scooter. I will analyze the usage time of the scooter based on actual usage data.
  • Under normal circumstances, if the scooter itself has no problem and the battery is working normally, it can be used for 2-3 years.
  • According to the requirements of normal driving regulations, keep the electric scooter properly and properly maintain it. There is basically no problem in using it for 1-2 years.
  • Of course, some small parts should be replaced regularly. Frequent use of scooter parts will also cause problems.

Can you ride a street scooter in the park?

Of course, most of the time, I choose electric scooters when I go out. In the park, the street, the subway, go to work, go shopping, etc., helped me solve many road problems.

This is why I bought an electric scooter.

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