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Which One Of These Electric Scooter Problems Do You Want To Get Rid Of?

In the first month of 2021, I received from friends about the malfunction of electric scooters. I sorted out these problems and listed them in categories to help everyone better maintain the scooters.

Broken brake plate

Most electric scooter users are accustomed to using the rear wheel brakes, using the foot buttons, and the car will soon stop. To be honest, I like this action myself, it makes me look more agile and reliable.

When it is used like this, it will lead to some problems. Our rear brake plate of the scooter will easily break. It is not a quality problem. After investigation, I learned that other brands of scooters will also encounter such a problem.


Which One Of These Electric Scooter Problems Do You Want To Get Rid Of?

At that time, such use will cause some problems. The rear brake plate of our scooter will easily break, not to say that it is a quality problem. After investigation, I learned that other brands of scooters also encounter such problems.

The reason for the break of the brake plate is mainly due to the fact that the brake plate is artificially broken when the brake is used in an emergency situation. The second is the design of the brake plate. The uneven distribution of the mechanics principle leads to the fracture. The last is the material problem of the brake plate. The material cannot withstand multiple steps or break when it reaches the upper limit of use.

Fortunately, the latest model of our iEZway electric scooter has perfectly solved the problem. Through the structure of the rear wheel, we can brake while using the rear wheel brake while also reasonably distributing the pressure caused by pedaling.

At the same time, while we are using it, don’t be nervous when encountering dangerous situations, brake slowly, please be careful not to drive too fast

Electric scooter repair methods


First, you can choose to send it back to the original manufacturer for repair, which takes a certain amount of time


Second, you can choose to buy accessories to replace yourself. Of course, if you have strong hands-on ability, it is better to choose this one, under the premise of absolute safety.


Third, use other third-party repair services, we do not recommend using them, because the accessories used are not from the original manufacturer and there may be safety risks

Scooter rod broken

  • The rod is mainly made of stainless steel. Some rods are made of aluminum and steel. The quality is very hard. We have done tests. Generally, there is no problem when the car passes the rod. Generally speaking, the weight of the rod is not very heavy.
  • Rod breaks are also very easy to encounter problems. In all kinds of unexpected situations, such as bad road conditions, car accidents, accidental falls, it may cause the rod to break.
    The place where the fracture occurs is mainly at the screw interface, or at the plastic and steel interface,
  • Solution: It is best to choose after-sales service and return to the factory for repair

Parts wear

After using the scooter for more than one year, regularly check the brake parts, whether the charger is working normally, and whether the line is off

I remember my good friend Ben bought a scooter two years ago. Every day we ride the bikes to the street to hang out. We like the feeling of freedom being blown by the wind on the road, but once Ben’s scooter There was a breakdown on the road. I walked with him for five miles before returning home. After inspection, it was discovered that the line on the battery system had fallen off. I have to say it was a bad ride.

Which One Of These Electric Scooter Problems Do You Want To Get Rid Of?

Have purchased but have not received the package?

Due to the Brexit issue in the most recent month (December 15, 2020-present), basically scooters cannot enter Europe. This involves many issues, such as tariffs, product certification (CE), etc.

However, some sellers panic that they can deliver the goods. Indeed, they can deliver the goods but you cannot receive them because the packages will be on the way. We are optimistic that the logistics will circulate soon
Of course, if you haven’t received the package yet, remember to contact the customer service staff in time to ask for the latest package information.

In the new year, I hope every friend is healthy!

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  1. Ahmed
    August 3, 2021

    Please I have scooter from IEzway but have problem error E3 how can I fixed please

    • iEZway
      August 20, 2021

      Dear Mr Ahmed,
      May i know you buy EZ6 or EZ8?we send replace parts to you.

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