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iEZway PRO Scooter Review-A quality scooter that’s hard to beat at this price point

The most popular among electric scooters is the iEZway PRO, which is designed with ecological environment, energy hazards and other related factors in the initial design, which is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional internal fuel-engine vehicles.

Many people buy electric scooters, just want to make life more convenient. At the same time, they also want to be able to control their time freely when going to work. It is the best means of transportation when traveling.

iEZway PRO M365 electric scooter

About iEZway PRO

iEZway is a highly intelligent technology-driven company. We continue to develop the latest electric scooter technology and iterate existing products. We have rich experience in the field of electric vehicles. So far we have successfully launched 5 models. iEZway PRO is our latest technology. 

With more and more ways of attending work, scooters have slowly changed the way people travel and are loved by everyone.

Things you would love at iEZway

  • New technology upgrade, more comprehensive intelligent control
  • Battery capacity reminder, longer driving range
  • A powerful eco-friendly electric scooter
  • iEZway PRO electric scooter max load is more than 120KG
  • iEZway PRO electric scooter max climbing degree is 35°
  • The new iEZway PRO electric scooter battery capacity upgraded from 7.8AH to 10.5AH
  • Compatible iEZway APP

IEZway Customers Reviews

Derek Jensen:

“I am a 195-pound person and ride this scooter to and from the train station and my office every day. It’s like this: it works well, I don’t dare to ride very fast, it will pass perfectly on hillsides, and you can reasonably expect a range of about 30 miles.

There are better scooters out there, but not at this price point. If you just dabble in a scooter and don’t know what it is, then this is a good choice. You can read all the features elsewhere on this page. A few months after owning the purchase, I noticed a few things. Hope to help you:

  •  Very fast on first charge
  • On a small slope (for example, a long street will slope upwards), you will find yourself traveling at more than half the maximum speed (approximately 15-20mph)
  • Bells are very useful and can be used when there are pedestrians on the road
  •  Cruise control (press and hold the throttle for up to 5 seconds, release it to let you keep full throttle)
  •  It folds very compactly and fits most of the overhead luggage of commuter trains
  •  30 pounds does not seem to be heavy, but when you go up and down the stairs, in and out on the train, in and out of the car and office, it will quickly sink
  • The battery is on the deck. I think this is an advantage because the deck is stronger and you have a larger deck area.
  • Pneumatic (air filled) tires and disc brakes are ESSENTIAL if you’re going to be riding with traffic.It is best to wear a safety helmet.On the road, people and cars may be unpredictable, and you are not the most obvious thing to ride. …So be prepared to stop quickly when needed.
  • If you commute, please get 2 chargers. One for the family and one for the office. Most days, I only charge once every 2-3 days
  • This has a 350w motor, which is the size I considered. But on a flat and slight downgrade, I can easily reach speeds of 20-25mph”

Nadeem Kasmani:

“Best Scooter in this price range. Must Buy,Been riding the scooter for a week now and done 50 miles on it (rainy weather makes riding difficult).
The scooter is going good with speed and charging as advertised. I have realized that the extra screw provided to secure the handlebar makes the ride better and sturdy. I use it for long distance rides.”

Raymundo Garcia:

“I bought this because I was fed up with trains and buses. I used this all Summer ,The amount of freedom I’ve become accustomed to is invaluable. It feels liberating to leave for work/school and arrive not only on time, but with time to spare.”

Annie Raeder:

“I bought an iEZway PRO for my 18-year-old son on his birthday. It was his adult gift. To be honest, the price is really worth it. The quality of the scooter is better than I thought.”

Desmond Carnegie:

“The performance and price of this electric scooter are very good. Few other scooters have such good performance at this price.
The scooter can be folded up for easy carrying. Sometimes you will use it when you go to the supermarket to buy things.”


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