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Why electric scooters are illegal in London

In London, it is illegal to use electric scooters here for a series of reasons. The earliest law that can be traced back to the Victorian era is the Highway Act. In 1835, horses, donkeys, sheep, pigs, cows, or carriages were prohibited from driving on the sidewalk. However, modern laws have updated the laws of the old age. The latest law states that carriages, including any other mechanically propelled vehicles, cannot be driven on the sidewalk.

In the law, electric scooters may not exist at all, so they belong to the same category as motor vehicles in some way, but electric scooters do not have the same safety and tax laws and regulations, and even bicycle lanes are not considered. It is reserved for things that carry him on the pedal.

Electric scooters on the streets of London are technically at risk of a fine of £300 and 6 points for driving license. If you live in New York City, you may notice the similarities of electric scooters. There are electric scooters everywhere, but there is no sharing of scooters, because it is technically illegal in New York. Now law enforcement is not as strict as London. The police basically ignore it. In fact, electric scooters are a list of vehicles prohibited by the DMV in New York. in.

The current law allows electric scooters to be driven on private land. In the past year, Bert conducted electric scooters experiments in the United Kingdom. In London Olympic Park, more and more people are stepping on electric scooters. People may encounter People of the same type.

The idea of allowing electric scooters to be legal is beginning to surface

At present, the legalization of scooters in the UK is progressing slowly. This is not a bad thing. We all know that it takes time to sign a law. What needs to be debated in the UK is to formulate rules and regulations and actively implement them. We hope that the government will provide scooters. Legislating minimum safety standards. Since March 2019, the British government has done the largest review of transportation regulations. This is very suitable for scooters. They are trying to adjust the legalization of scooters and may even add new vehicles. Defined to allow scooters to be driven on public roads.

Nevertheless, the actual problems faced are still very complex. The design of urban streets may also need to be developed to adapt to new vehicles. This is a modern problem. Many cities have designed roads for cars, and there will be more other transportation.

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