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Why you should buy an electric scooter

in recent years electric scooters have become more popular than ever as their popularity continues to explode their potential as a huge part of the future for commuting and recreational use needs to be seriously considered electric scooters are much more than the gimmick that they started out.

as they’re more than something that you see people renting downtown for fun electric scooters are an extremely versatile useful and fun mode of transportation.


Let me explain why you should seriously consider buying a scooter.

According to the 2010 u.s census 95.7 percent of employed persons in the usa have a daily commute to work the average commute distance varies widely by city .

let’s use the united states most populous city new york as an example, the average new york commute distance is 7.7 miles and the average new york commute time is an hour and 10 minutes.that puts the average speed of a commuter in new york at an astonishingly sluggish  6.5 miles per hour, about 60 percent of all commuters in new york travel to and from work via public ,transportation they could choose to travel via bike, but showing up to the office sweaty from a morning ride isn’t feasible for many people.they could choose to walk to work ,but if that were faster than waiting for the subway more people would do it, they could choose to drive and sit in traffic then find and pay for a place to park.

But if you could avoid that then why wouldn’t?even the slowest electric scooters travel around 15 miles per hour,easily beating the speed of an average commuter,you get the benefits of a bike without getting sweaty, you easily outpace walking speed and you avoid the hassle of having to lock up your bike by simply folding up your scooter and carrying it inside to be stored under your desk.

or in a break room, scooters have the speed to be used in a bike lane and are low profile, enough to be used on the sidewalk。

if needed faster scooters can even be used in the streets in areas.

where the speed limit is lower naturally there will always be people in situations, where one method of travel is the only possible or safe way to travel to work.

please keep in mind that i’m using new york as an example simply to illustrate that many people could benefit from a faster way to get to work , electric scooters could be that solution for many people.

iEZway Electric Scooter

Electric scooters do not exist solely for the purpose of commuting

if that were the case i probably wouldn’t own one my commute to work is a measly 2.6 mile round trip, that takes me 6 minutes each way ,so while i use my scooter to get to work and back, i purchased all my scooters with the intention to use them, recreationally speaking completely honestly riding electric scooters is some of the most fun.

All electric vehicles have the huge benefit of being low maintenance

There are no oils to change minimal moving parts that need to be replaced and a good quality scooter will be sealed off from water and dirt.

Riding a scooter to have fun to relax or to de-stress not wanting to ride public transportation to avoid sweating in summer having the convenience of a portable personal electric vehicle.scooters often for a commute or for fun buy your own scooter,i promise it’s worth it financially it makes a ton of sense here’s the math.

One month's cost of sharing a scooter is enough to buy an entry scooter

Costed one dollar to unlock a scooter and then 30 cents a minute to ride using the data from the new york.average commute of 7.7 miles round trip,estimating an average speed of 10 miles per hour to take into account the slower speed of rental scooters stop lights and things like that that means it would cost two dollars to unlock one dollar to work and one dollar from work plus a 23 minute commute each way.

meaning you are spending almost 16 a day to commute to work eighty dollars a week.if you have a five day work week means that in about one month you would have paid the cost of an entry level scooter just in fees just buy a scooter if you use ride chair i promise it’s worth it.For example, iEZway EZ8 entry electric scooter only costs 199 £

Secondly owning your own scooter will give you a chance to learn how to use it properly , give you the chance to get all the proper accessories for it especially a helmet the reason .

electric scooters have gained a bit of a bad reputation , because people are using rideshare without being properly equipped or knowing what they’re doin electric scooters are no more dangerous than bikes or walking yet many people stupidly think they can jump on a ride share scooter and fly around on the sidewalk.

They too often end up hurting themselves or others or damaging things and by buying a scooter, you can add one more rider to the street that knows what they are doing and has the proper safety gear to help people understand the scooters themselves are not the issue .

But rather the bad judgment of an inexperienced riders i hope i was able to shed a little light on why electric scooters have the possibility to become a huge part of the future for transportation.

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