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Are electric scooter legal in uk?

What is e scooter?

They are two-wheeled scooter with small battery and electric motor As an emerging mode of transportation, they can be seen in major cities in Europe, and they are gradually being welcomed by people all over the world.

E scooter is usually controlled by a smartphone application,
Very similar to the bike rental program in the city center,But there are still some differences in legality

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Driving mode of electric scooters in the UK?

The main popular driving modes in the UK: electric scooter rental and private scooters.

According to an announcement by the British government, from July 4, 2020, the rental of electric scooters will become legal on British roads. Unfortunately the private electric scooter is not included.It is legal for private electric scooters to use them on private land and property. They are considered illegal on roads and sidewalks in the UK. 

Under the current situation of increasing traffic pressure in the UK, energy is decreasing and the use of this clean Green electric scooters are in line with the development of the times. We believe that the legalization of private scooters is also a matter of time.

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During the new coronavirus epidemic, the government encourages this way of travel. The scooter market has become more and more popular, and some urban scooter users have already used it on the road. Commuter scooters have also become a special sight of the city, after all, it is really convenient for every cyclist.

At present, due to uneven roads and potholes, various accidents may occur during riding. Therefore, it is still recommended that adult electric scooters maintain a gentle speed when driving on the road.

No matter how we use it, we must ensure our own lives.

When can I ride an e-scooter legally?

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