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How to extend battery life of electric scoote?

The key to the service life of electric scooters lies in the reasonable use and maintenance of batteries.

1.Use the charger from a regular manufacturer

  Unmatched current and voltage during charging will cause damage to the circuit system, shorten battery life, and even bring safety hazards. The original battery and charger are the best cp.

In order to reduce costs, most of the current chargers are designed with high vibration resistance, but do not carry the charger with the car to prevent the internal transformer, capacitor, high-power transistor, field effect tube, adjustable potentiometer, etc. from loosening due to vibration and bumps. As a result, the parameters of the charger may drift or even be damaged.

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2.Charging time and battery level

   In most chargers, the battery is not fully charged after the indicator light turns on, and the power is about 97% to 99%. There will be 1% to 3% undercharged power, which will form undercharge accumulation, so after the battery is fully charged, it will be charged for another ten minutes.

The charging time of electric scooters should basically be controlled within 5 hours, too long charging time can easily damage the battery.

3.The impact of the charging environment on the battery

   The best ambient temperature for charging is 25°C. However, it is difficult to ensure reasonable temperature during normal charging, so there are often problems of undercharging in winter and overcharging in summer. It is best to arrange the battery and charger in a ventilated and temperature-regulated environment when charging.

It is particularly reminded that when the battery enters a warm room at a low temperature outside in winter, frost and condensation will appear on the surface of the battery. In order to avoid battery leakage caused by frost and condensation, the battery should be charged after the battery temperature rises to close to the indoor temperature and is dry.

During daily parking, the entire vehicle should be stored in a ventilated place, and the lithium battery should be protected from humid environments and prolonged exposure, away from heat sources and flammable and explosive materials.

Note: The battery charging voltage is inversely proportional to the ambient temperature

The following is a self-calculation of the maximum charge voltage (UMAX) and floating charge voltage (UF) of the 36V battery at different temperatures (TEMP).

4.Other charging notes

     Many dealers recommend charging every day when selling scooters. The battery is in a shallow cycle state and the battery life will be prolonged. In fact, this is not completely correct. The number of charge and discharge cycles of the battery is certain.

Frequent charging of the battery will aggravate the softening and shedding of the active material on the positive plate of the battery, and will also accelerate the corrosion of the grid and reduce the life of the battery. Generally, the battery power is not used too much, so there is no need to charge frequently.

The best way to maintain a lithium battery pack is to use it lightly, quickly release it and charge it quickly. The greater the frequency and the number of times it is used, the faster the battery will wear out. The lower the degree of deep discharge of the lithium battery, the longer the use time. If possible, try to avoid frequent full charge and discharge.

  As far as the user is concerned, it is best to charge your battery after 10% or 20% of the battery is used. You can also charge when the remaining power is 50%. It is best not to use up the battery while charging.

5.Develop a good riding habit

Choose different speeds for different road conditions, try to avoid braking and re-acceleration. Acceleration is actually a very power-consuming process. Where the road conditions are good, you can add it to the fastest because the discharge current is about 8-9A.

Regarding braking: When riding, try to avoid braking and re-acceleration. The discharge current of the battery is gentle, which reduces the impact of high current on the battery and greatly extends the service life of the battery.

Regarding the tires: the scooter tires must be fully inflated, and the switch must be closed in time when getting off the car.

If you do not use the scooter for a long time, you must charge the battery once every half a month. This will extend battery life.

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