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How to use your iEZway Pro electric scooter?

When you receive the long-awaited scooter but don’t use it properly, what mood will it be?

Every year, there are various failures caused by incorrect operation of the scooter, and I have to find various solutions. Please don’t worry, we will teach you the correct use of the scooter.

When you receive our iEZway electric scooter, please be sure to read these contents, it may be of great help to you

1.The Device& Accessories-Please check if the instructions and necessary accessories in the package are complete

Vehicle&Accessories :

iEZway Electric Scooter User manual App Hex Wrench
iEZway Electric Scooter User manual App Charging Adapter

Screws x 2

Hex Wrench

Charging Adapter

2.iEZway PRO Electric Scooter Main Function Introduction

Mode Indicators

Long press the power button 3 second,power on. Short press the
power button,switch the speed. ECO means the Max. Speed 15km/h;
D means the Max. Speed 20km/h; S means the Max. Speed 25km/h.
Press twice quickly, the headlight on.

The battery power display, indicating a level of charge.If all are lit,a battery level is 100%.When you open our APP and press “scan for devices”,then press”Scooter”.You will see the dashboard in your phone.The APP has powerful function.Easy check mileage and real-time speed. Easy switch speed. Can choose cruise control,Bootmode,Speed unit,Headlight setting, Vehicle self-inspection and so on.

3. Assembling the device

3.1 fix the steering rod and open the parking bridge

iEZway Electric Scooter User manual App fix the steering rod

3.3 Using hex wrench in the packing box to tighten the screws assembling on handle bar

iEZway Electric Scooter User manual App Third step

3.2 Set handle bars vertical

iEZway Electric Scooter User manual App Set handle bars vertical

3.4 Testing the power switch after finish

Power Button
Press power button to turn on the vehicle. Press and hold a button for 2 seconds to turn on the device. When switched on : press power button to turn on/off a flashlight ; press a power button twice to normal mode and power saving mode.

4.Charging Scooter

iEZway Electric Scooter User manual App Charging scooter

Open the cover-connect the charger-close the cover

5.Learning Driving-Please wear helmet and knee pads when practice

5.1 Power on and check the battery led

5.3 Step on the other leg when the scooter is moving, then press the accelerate button (only accelerate when the scooter speed is beyond 5km/h)

5.5 lean your body left slightly to turn left,lean your body right slightly to turn right.And turn the handlebar slowly

5.2 Stand on pedal with one leg,hit the ground with the other leg

5.4 loose the accelerate button when slow down. Energy recovery systems will open itself to slow down. Press the left disc brake tightly if want to brake urgently.

6.Safety Instructions

6.1 It is not recommended driving on the rain

6.2 It is recommend to slightly bend knees to better adjust to a
rough road.If you are travelling on a rough road,stick to low speed(5-10km/h)

iEZway Electric Scooter User manual App

6.3 Entering into any room, elevator, etc.Be careful not be injured by a door frame.

iEZway PRO Electric Scooter M365

6.4 Please not add speed when descending a hill

iEZway PRO Electric Scooter M365

6.5 While walking with a scooter,do not press a speed knob

iEZway PRO Electric Scooter M365

6.6 When driving it is recommended to go around various obstacles on a road

6.7 Please do not hang backpacks and other heavy objects on handle bars

6.8 When driving is forbidden to place one foot on the running board or on the ground

iEZway PRO Electric Scooter M365

Preventing Dangerous Driving

6.9 It is forbidden to leave a scooter on a scooter wheel at high roadway for motor vehicles or ride in at a high speed

6.11 It is forbidden to drive through puddles,to which exceeds depth of 2cm.

6.13 Do not tread the back of the fender

6.15 Do not driving leaving your hands

6.10 It is forbidden to sharply turn a residential area with a large flow of passers-by

6.12 Never rider a scooter more than or one person, hold a child in your arms.

6.14 Do not touch the disc brake

6.16 Do not riding electric scooter up,down steps or jump over obstacles

iEZway Electric Scooter Satety Recommendations

1) Electric scooter – it is only a device for entertainment, not vehicle.But once you driving to public area, the electric scooter brings certian risks for your safety .For the sake of your safety and others safety, you must strictly follow the instructions, outlined in this driving manual .

2) You should understand that is you ride a scooter in a public place , you must comply with all recommendations for safety. Also do not forget that there is a possiblity of collision, due to violation of pedestrians or vehicles traffic rules ,there is also a risk of injury , due to improper operation of the unit. As in other types of vehicles, the higher a speed of electric scooter, the greater a braking distance. On some smooth road emergency braking may cause skidding of scooter, loss of balance and even fall. Therefore, during moving of scooter you need to be vigilant,to adhere to an appropriate speed , keep a safe distance from pedestrians and / or with other vehicles . Riding on unfamiliar terrain, keep vigilance and appropriate speed.

3) While riding scooter , respect rights of pedestrians . Do not scare them,especially children.Reduce speed,passing by them.If you are moving in the same direction with pedestrians,try to stick to the left side as much as possible(for right-hand traffic countries ).If you are moving in the opposite direction, stick to the right and slow down.

4) Please strictly following your country road rules to driving,and also strictlyabide by rules , set out in the instructions and safety recommendations.Violation of the above rules may result financial expenses, personal injury,occurrence of traffic accidents, legal disputes, conflict and other unpleasant situations. Our company does not bear any direct or joint and serveral liability.

5) To avoid personal injury , do not loan electric scooter to others whom do not know how to drive. Please spend a training before you transfer your scooter to friends, as well as teach he(her)must be wear the proper safety gear .

6) Please do inspect scooter carefully before each use.If you find shattered parts ,battery life has decreased obviously, tires leak air or there are signs of excessive wear, uncharacteristic sounds when turning or other abnormal symptoms, please discontinue use of the scooter immediately , don’t drive it reluctantly.

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